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  • Hi Paul, I wanted to express my personal thanks for the thoughtfulness and kindness for the entire Mt. View staff. I lost both of my parents within 22 days of each other. They were buried 14 days apart. I'm sure that there are many people that deserve my thanks so please extend them to everyone! In particular I want to thank Donya and Roland! There kindness, support and professionalism helped me through this difficult time. I was born in Lakewood and have lived nearby all of my life. I have already told many and will continue to tell people that Mt. View is the best place to entrust your loved ones. We are grateful for the referral to Pastor Michael Durka to officiate the burial of both of my parents! He performed outstanding services! We may well be visiting to make arrangements for ourselves some day.
  • Pre-Planning Guide is excellent as there are always questions that no one seems to ask before you die, and the PPG gives you the opportunity to answer many of these questions. We enjoyed Russ Critendon. He was patient, thorough with explanations, friendly and compassionate, and he listened well.
  • Pre-Planning Guide is excellent , helping to ensure that there are no sudden surprises at time of grief. With Russ Critendon there is no high pressure; you receive what you want.
    J.&W. G
  • It really makes a lot of sense to pre-plan. No one want to go through it, but it will help family and children at time of grief; very comforting. Russ Critendon was very thorough and explained everything we needed to know. He is very organized. He really helped us tremendously. I would highly recommend Banksk/Page-Theus. A very knowledgeable and well informed company. It gives you peace of mind to know that everything is in order.
  • I recently spoke with Russ Critendon regarding pre-planning. He was very kind and helped me to understand what was to be. I felt that my experience with Banks/Page-Theus was great and was most impressed with your kindness and helpfulness.
  • The Pre-Planning Guide is excellent and I know it will make it easy on my family when needed. Russ Critendon was very good and had a great presentation.